Steve Stamates

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Who I Am

I'm a full-service social media marketing consultant with 10+ years of experience helping companies use social media to their advantage.

I deliver result-driven social media marketing services that attract potential customers, engage them, and convert them into website traffic, leads, and sales.

What I Do

Social Media Management
My social media management activities are designed to grow your online presence and build relationships with potential buyers. Through custom-tailored campaigns that deliver engaging content and growth in your fan base, I position you as an influencer in your industry.
Social Media Advertising
Paid advertising is the fastest way to generate results in social media. I create advertisements and optimize them for the best results. My highly-targeted social media advertising techniques allow you to pinpoint your exact target audience and reach them at an affordable rate.
Social Media Consulting
Maybe you want to handle your company’s day-to-day social media activities yourself. That’s fine with me. I can analyze your competitive landscape, identify opportunities and threats, and develop a tactical roadmap that you can execute on your own.

What I Believe

Beware of social media consultants who promise you the world before you even tell them who you are. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing.

I don’t waste your money or my time on strategies that don’t work. I'll work with you to determine who your customers are and which social media networks they use. Then I’ll recommend a plan that includes a platform, content, and advertising strategy designed to reach YOUR audience.

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Contact Me

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